"Jordan Speith says Phil Mickelson wants to beat the crap out of him"

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"Jordan Speith says Phil Mickelson wants to beat the crap out of him"

Post by bulls9999 on Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:49 pm

Now this caught my eye, and after reading it, I got the same impression that one posted (read the comments section below the article, nicely supportive of Phil)


Robert Winner
Hey MEDIA... poor headline. You infer threats of physical violence. Spieth is the future but Phil is still competitive and playing well so far. Your headline paints a picture of a less that supportive Phil that your story speaks of.

Christopher Cramer · Plantation, Florida
Exactly, I was waiting to read that Phil was waiting for Jordan in the parking lot.......Pathetic

Lorie Armstrong Chalfant · Property Manager at Manhattan Housing Authority
I agree! Sad way to get us to read the article.

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