Modified FedEx Cup for 2019

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Modified FedEx Cup for 2019 Empty Modified FedEx Cup for 2019

Post by bulls9999 on Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:32 pm

Big changes in FedEx Cup, I like it.

=> End of Regular Season Leaders: Top-10 in FedEx points split $10mill, with $2 mill to the leader (about time they do something for working hard all year to be the FedEx pt. leader)

=> FedEx Cup - Top 125 from regular season continue to playoffs, all start with "0" pts.

1st Tourney - 125 players

2nd Tourney - 70 players

Finals - position is based on 1st & 2nd tourney performance

FedEx Cup Winner: $15 mill (up from $10) ; total purse $60 mill, up from $35.


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